Cookies! Cookies!


A tangible, powerful expression of love at Kairos weekends or other three-day retreats is the endless stream of cookies that flows onto the tables.


Some prisons require factory sealed packages of commercial cookies rather than home-made. Some prisons will allow home-made cookies, but only certain recipes, because of nut allergies, for example. Also, they must be packaged in specific ways.


All this can change. If possible, we'll post rules and recipes on this site on each prison's information page; find your prison's page here. To be absolutely up to date, however, please check with your weekend's team leader.


Bring your cookies to your church's drop-off point on the collection day.

Here are two sets of cookie recipes which have been approved by various prisons at different times.
Check with your Kairos team leader or Advisory Council contact to determine which recipes are acceptable for your weekend.


Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip                           Lots of recipes

Contact persons:   Northern Illinois - Norm Reuter      Central and Southern Illinois: Duane Weeks

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