Serving: Listen, Listen, Love, Love


Kairos volunteers are special people - but not unique. The motto of Kairos is "Listen, listen; love, love."  They listen more than they speak, without judgment of any sort. They love unconditionally and patiently. They keep everything they hear strictly in confidence. They work together in ecumenical teams, lifting up Christ without expecting conversion to their own style of faith. They do not expect praise or thanks, but give glory to God.


If God has given you these graces, come be part of Kairos Inside, Outside or Torch. Go to Where We Serve and click on the site where you'd like to serve; the contact persons for each site is listed there.


Kairos volunteers serve under the laws of each state. In Illinois, among other requirements, this means that a person cannot be part of both Kairos Inside and Kairos Outside, for example. The contact person for your chosen site will explain all the requirements.


Contact persons:   Northern Illinois - Norm Reuter      Central and Southern Illinois: Duane Weeks

Kairos of Illinois, P.O. Box 574, Bloomingdale, IL 60108

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